Cars Parked On Private Property

For homeowners and business owners, illegally parked cars can be a nuisance. In fact, for business owners with limited parking or with designated customer parking, spaces occupied by noncustomers can discourage business and lead to lost revenue. For homeowners, vehicles parked on private property can be both an inconvenience and a cause for suspicion. In any case, those who park on private property run the risk of having their vehicle towed.


When is Private Property Towing Warranted?

If you’re a vehicle owner or private property owner, you’ll want to know when towing a vehicle is an appropriate response. Unfortunately, the answer is highly dependent on regulations that vary depending on the property’s location, and failing to abide by these rules can lead to costly fines and liabilities.


Cars Parked Illegally in Front of Your Home

In Charlotte and throughout North Carolina, vehicles can be towed if they are illegally parked in the driveways of residential homes. If a vehicle is parked on the street in front of your house, it is on public property. However, if the vehicle violates traffic laws or presents a hazard such as blocking a driveway or a fire lane, you should contact local authorities to investigate the vehicle, issue a citation, and have the vehicle towed to avoid legal liability.


Vehicles Parked Illegally in Front of Your Business

To have a vehicle towed from your business, there are a number of prerequisites:

  • First, the vehicle must be parked on private property. For vehicles parked on the street or other properties owned by public entities, local authorities must be involved to determine if the vehicle is parked illegally.
  • Second, the private property in question must be a registered tow away zone, with signage that is in compliance with local requirements displayed in plain sight at every entrance.

Additionally, most localities require towing companies to be in compliance with a number of local regulations before towing illegally parked vehicles. Homeowners and business owners should inquire with their private property towing company of choice to ensure that they are in compliance with these regulations to avoid liability.

If a vehicle is parked on your private property and posing a hazard or costing you time and money, you have a right to respond. There are options and procedures to have illegally parked vehicles removed legally and in a timely manner. Just be mindful, and ensure you are adhering to local laws and regulations to avoid liability.


Contact a Trusted Towing Company

If a vehicle is parked illegally on your private property, contact Stella’s Towing today at (704) 256-7700. We partner with a variety of local HOAs and businesses throughout North Carolina and South Carolina and have a deep understanding of local ordinances and regulations and are happy to help in any way we can.